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Advice For A Rainy Day

imageMost of the time, Audis are unaffected by inclement weather.  They’re more than capable of handling in the snow, which is generally a good thing…  That is, unless you’re looking for an excuse to take the day off work because your car is supposedly stuck in the driveway.  If your boss knows you drive an Audi, this excuse will never work!

As far as weather is concerned, your Audi can manage almost anything Mother Nature can dish out, but some occasions require a bit of attention.  The rain in Colorado doesn’t seem to be letting up, and so with this in mind, we at Salta would like to make sure your car is unaffected.

•Check your rain tray…  There is a plastic channel under the hood near the front windshield.  Often times, it can become clogged with leaves and debris, causing water to overflow onto the car’s interior floorboard, and in extreme cases, this can cause damage to some of the electronics.  It takes minutes to clean, but if you’re uncomfortable doing it on your own, you’ve got some friends at Salta who would be happy to help.

•Replace your windshield wipers…  The cold weather causes warping to the wiper blades, a brand new set will greatly increase your visibility and our factory wipers are an exact fit at a great price.

•Don’t get stranded…  A check up is free, so there’s no reason to get stranded in bad weather.  Be mindful of upcoming services, your car will thank you for it!

•Most of all, drive careful… It’s crazy out there right now!


Salta Rally

imageAnyway, back to racing…

Salta rally post #4

It takes a lot of trust to sit in the passenger seat of a race car, and an equal amount of concentration to actually navigate. It’s not just important to navigate, but to navigate well is a real benefit. *Perhaps I should have said that to navigate well is imperative, but that’s what safety equipment is for. For instance, in the unfortunate event that the navigator calls out a left 1 when in fact, the road is making a tight right, well, my sympathy goes out to all involved, but most especially to the poor navigator. A simple error can be a big deal for a nav and it’s a tremendous responsibility to take on.

The Land’s End hill climb was Steve Bis’ first race as a navigator. Usually in the driver’s seat, Steve was not only able to navigate the course, but was able to pull from his prior driving experience to guide and encourage Joe into making faster runs up the road. As I understand it, Steve was an ideal navigator, it was a definite benefit that he had so much previous race experience. And it definitely didn’t hurt that he’s one of the best Audi/Volkswagen service techs that Salta has. *You’ll notice that I said he’s ONE of the best and not THE best… Well, it’s just not nice to play favorites, now, is it?

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Salta Rally

The Service Vehicle

Salta Rally post #3image

It’s kind of funny, but if you want to race cars, you’re going to have to buy a truck. You won’t even really want the truck, but you’ll need it for sure. And it won’t be the high performance race car that gets all the miles, it will be the clunky old pick up truck that you will come to depend on. It’s a bit of a disappointment, but a necessary evil that all racers must come to terms with… The service vehicle.

It’s especially hard to accept that the service vehicle is not going to be half as desirable as the Audis and Volkswagens that we work on. It won’t even come close. It’ll be loud, it’ll belch smoke out of the exhaust and more than likely, it will have a mismatched door or panel here or there.

Now that Joseph is a race car owner and driver, it’s no coincidence that he’s also the proud owner of an old Dodge pick up truck. I’m giggling a little as I write this because what Joe may not yet realize is that his pick up truck is incredibly useful in so many ways… He can now help his friends move giant sofas across town, he will be able to haul engines down to the recycler and he’ll be able to pull a friends car out of a ditch in the middle of a snow storm. Oh, and he’ll also be able to tow his race car. 😉



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Salta Rally

imageGetting to the Land’s End

Salta Rally post #2

For those of you who have never raced, perhaps this post can serve as good advice from someone who has. All of us at Salta have gone through the scenario that I am about to describe several times over. I’m talking about building a race car with the intention of meeting a specific race date. *This is not a healthy practice, and yet, I’ve done this a million times.

Joseph’s goal of trying to get to the Land’s End race with a car that would not only start, but maybe even finish probably sounded reasonable at the time. This being Joe’s first personal race build, it may have been a lofty goal to set, but if you’re determined to race, then you’re going to lose some sleep.

In between working on Audis and Volkswagens for our customers, Joe lost plenty of sleep rebuilding the abandoned race car project that he took on. This is a common occurrence in racing, so much so that the build almost becomes a race in itself. Time flies when you’re building a race car, and there was concern about being able to test the car before heading off to the races. With three days left to test and address any of the services that would need to be done, Joe could only hope for the best.

Testing a car for the first time is always nerve wracking, but Joe’s mad skills didn’t fail him. The only issue that needed repair was the oil pump, which was original and was spitting oil under high RPMs. The Salta guys made quick work of replacing the pump and the next test was successful. *This is not a common occurrence… Usually, if a race car is going to have problems, the problem is going to be big and it’s going to happen the day before you have to go racing. If you ask me, Joe’s meticulous nature was a definite asset, but I also think he had a bit of good karma on his side.

In true Salta fashion, the stickers were stuck on the car, and it was loaded onto the trailer with only moments to spare. Though it would have been easier to pick a race at a later date, I have to say that I completely understand the need to build a car by the very next race. I just don’t know how to explain it.

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Salta Rally

imageimageIt was bound to happen…  

Salta Rally post #1

For us folks at Salta, it seems we can never really escape the overwhelming desire to race cars. Our esteemed Salta partner Joseph Chiarelli has recently succumbed to the old Salta ways…

Over the past few months, Joseph has not only been servicing Audis and Volkswagens by day, but has been working feverishly to rebuild and prepare a Subaru rally car every night after Salta closes. After many a long night spent on his first race build, Joseph’s efforts will be realized this weekend at his first race event.

Joseph’s racing debut will be at the Land’s End race in Grand Junction, Colorado. It will also be a debut of sorts for our other partner Steve Bis, who will be navigating for Joe. Steve is an accomplished driver, but a first time navigator. Should be exciting, stay posted!

The Lands End race is hosted by the Colorado Hill Climb Association, if you find yourself with nothing to do on July 27th-28th, come join us!

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