Salta Service and Performance of Denver, Colorado are passionate professionals dedicated to Audi, Volkswagen service, repair.


Over the years we’ve worked on thousands of cars, here are some of the recent letters we’ve received.

Dan’s 2001 Audi Allroad 6sp MT, 160,000 miles and counting…

Anyone who has driven an Audi deep into high mileage territory knows it can be somewhat of an adventure. Having the Salta Service team behind me makes that adventure both affordable and enjoyable. Keeping what Brian calls, “one of the most complicated cars that Audi has ever built,” running perfectly poses no challenge for Salta. When I have issues with the car I know I am going to get a clear and concise explanation of what is going on, the most reasonable price in the state, and top shelf service by mechanics who are trusted by professional racing teams. Brian and Steve keep my car in such good working order that people are astonished when they learn it has such high mileage.

If you need your Audi worked on, call Any of the folks at Salta and you will be treated right.


– – – – – –

Jim’s 01 Passat GLX 4 Motion
Dear Friends at Salta-

A quick note to express how thrilled I am to have my VW Passat running in top condition again.

Your services have restored the passion for driving I experienced when this car was new; I can feel the difference. Clearly, your services go beyond basic or routine maintenance- I found that you sought to understand the complete well being of my car and re-establish that balance. I salute your purpose, technical knowledge, and commitment to my car.

WOW! Thanks,

Jim Levy

– – – – – –

Bryan’s ’00 Audi A4
To the future patrons of Salta Service & Performance,

My 2000 Audi A4 had a list a “mile long” of mostly minor repairs that kept it from being a safe, reliable, and enjoyable car to drive. Salta took that list and methodically and expeditiously fixed all problems to my satisfaction. Their customer service and quality workmanship is second to none. The pricing is very fair, and more importantly, this is a business you can trust! I would recommend this automotive service to all who want quality work completed on time, with a personal touch. My car has not only been restored to its original high quality German safety standards, but once again my Audi is a joy to drive. Salta really does care and you won’t be disappointed. This is a family business that knows the meaning of “please” and “thank you” and they will always put you first!


Bryan Wright

– – – – – –


Brian and Erica are awesome. The price was almost 50% less than Prestige Audi and the quality of service was super. They replaced my clutch assembly, flywheel, and CV axle and performed a routine service in less than a day, then Delivered my car to me on their way home!!! No more dealer fraud – see Salta!

Sammy P.

Denver, CO

– – – – – –

Merchant Ratings SUPER SERVICE!

My wife and I live in Dillon, but the drive to Salta is well worth it! We spend half as much to maintain our car, and Erika, Brian and Steve have taught us how to take care of our car between services. They are excellent at what they do!

March 30, 2010 by Erika & Peter in Dillon, CO

– – – – – –

Merchant Ratings THESE GUYS ARE GREAT!!!

It’s never easy for a female to take a car to a mechanic and feel comfortable about the service that you’re paying for, but with Salta, I was educated about the whole process of what needed to be done to my car and why it was done. It sure makes a difference when there is someone there who genuinely cares about the way my car runs, and they worked with me based on my budget. THANKS SALTA!

March 30, 2010 by lindsay james in Evergreen, CO

– – – – – –

Merchant Ratings Great Shop, All ways under cuts. Fast and friendly!!!!

They cost almost 1/2 of what the dealer wanted, supper fast!
I called them from out of town once and stayed on the phone with me for like 30 mins helping me when my car would not start. Who does that? Salta!

January 27, 2010 by Ryan in Denver, CO

– – – – – –

These Guys Are Great!!!!!! by

They hands down quoted me the best price for a major repair on my car, and they accomplished the job in record time. I used to work on Audi’s and VW’s, but lack the time and tools anymore to do the work myself. It can make a mechanic nervous taking his/her car to someone else. Upon my inspection of the work performed, it surpassed my expectations. I don’t think a dealer could make it look anymore professional. I highly recommend Salta for your VW and Audi needs, and I will be returning to them for my future repairs as well. Thanks again Salta…..

– – – – – –

What an interesting day we had. Dropped the Audi off at Salta around 11 am. They were so nice and agreed to get on it right away. They sent us away for a few hours. We lunched at a local diner and saw a movie.  Got back to Salta by mid afternoon. Car done and ready to pick up.

These are really nice folks. The mechanic said my car was a gem and I should ask a premium price for it. Richard is gonna list it on Craigs list. We’ll also put a sign in the window, which means people will have to see it, which means we’ll be driving it for a week or two.. It hurts my hand and shoulder to drive it, so RJH will get the privilege.  Thanks Salta!

March 14, 2011 by Lynne and Richard Hawley  – 2001 Audi TT Quattro 1.8t


Hello all at Salta. I would first like to say that my car is running far
smoother than it did when I first purchased the car a couple years back.
Not to mention that I don’t bite my lip every time I turn the key now. I
would like to thank you on not only how fast you got my car in, but how
fast you got it back. The customer service is right up there with the
best there is, and yet your prices blow all competition out of the
water. I will highly recommend your services to anyone in need, and will
be seeing you every three thousand miles myself. Thank you again for a
great service-to-customer relationship.

Alex Frisby – 2001 Audi S4 – 03/23/11


One response

  1. Jeff

    I’m so glad my wife and I discovered Salta a few years ago. How nice is it to know that your car is in the hands of people who will only perform the work on it that it really needs? The folks at Salta proved to me early on that I needn’t worry about getting ripped off here. These people do fantastic work, their prices are excellent, and most importantly……THEY HAVE INTEGRITY!

    March 19, 2011 at 8:31 am

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