Salta Service and Performance of Denver, Colorado are passionate professionals dedicated to Audi, Volkswagen service, repair.

Four Wheeled Friends

imageMy first car’s name was Orton. It was an 80 something Chevrolet Cavalier that was given to me by my aunt. By the time I inherited Orton, he was a little lackluster, though I have to wonder if there was ever a point in time when a Cavalier was considered sexy or even attractive. His clear coat had worn through, making his dull grey exterior that much more dull. His carpet was grey, his seats were grey, he was about as glorious as a winter day in Cold War Russia.

Orton’s namesake was a bank teller in downtown Denver. A dull man with no real emotion to speak of. Orton the bank teller probably drove a Cavalier just like mine, but I doubt he had the creative energy to go through with naming his car. He probably didn’t even name his children. He was the perfect namesake for my nondescript little car.

I didn’t even really want a car when Orton came into my life, but it didn’t take long to succumb to the ways of automotive dependency. In the beginning, I wasn’t so attached to Orton, I couldn’t even be bothered to check or change his oil. But over time, I grew to appreciate and maybe even love Orton…

He drove me safely through bad weather and bad neighborhoods, and because he never caught the eye of anyone, we could speed right past cop cars with all the confidence in the world that we were in fact, invisible.

Most cars are given recognition for being fast or beautiful, but Orton’s crowning achievement would be the day that I sold him. He provided me with the funds I needed to move to New York City, so, you could say that Orton had provided me with a future I could not have afforded otherwise.

There have been many cars since Orton, and all of them have had names and personalities of their own. Yes, personalities. Take, for instance, Klaus, my Audi Avant… Klaus, the no-nonsense German never failed me. He was functional, reliable, and if he had the ability, he would have been disappointed in my constant lack of punctuality.

Over the years, I have come to realize that our customers also affectionately name their cars. There’s Jeffrey the Volkswagen Jetta, Peppy the Touareg and there was even an Audi A8 called the Doctor.

At Salta, we always do our best to consider that we’re not just fixing any old car… For a lot of our customers, we recognize that there is an emotional bond there, a genuine concern for the well being of their four-wheeled friend. We get it. We’re the same way. And we’re always happy to help a friend in need, whether it’s a car or not!


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