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Salta Rally

imageNever a dull hill climber…

Salta rally post #5

If a hill climb is a race unlike any other, you must also assume that a hill climber is also quite unique. The race venue is always set in a typically beautiful Colorado mountain town, but being that it’s Colorado, there’s bound to be some erratic weather. Hill climbers can accept that they’ll either be roasting in their race suits or shivering on a mountain side. They can probably even deal with driving on the wrong tire for half the race because of how quickly the climate can change the road.

Joseph and Steve are both fine examples of what hill climbers should be… They spent the weekend driving on muddy roads and bogging around an equally messy service area. The good news was that Joe’s rally car had no problems over the course of the entire weekend. There would be no mud bog transmission swaps, nor were there mud crusted Salta techs in the service area. Just a fluid check and tire pressure monitoring and then back to racing!

While the mud may have posed a problem for the bulk of the other race classes, this was not a problem for the rally class. In fact, there’s nothing more exciting than bad weather when you’ve got a rally car. (The same is true for most Audi owners!) While at first, Joe was tentative on the sloppy surface, Steve ensured him there was plenty of grip and the boys ended up with a ten second gain on their nemesis.

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