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Salta Rally

imageAnyway, back to racing…

Salta rally post #4

It takes a lot of trust to sit in the passenger seat of a race car, and an equal amount of concentration to actually navigate. It’s not just important to navigate, but to navigate well is a real benefit. *Perhaps I should have said that to navigate well is imperative, but that’s what safety equipment is for. For instance, in the unfortunate event that the navigator calls out a left 1 when in fact, the road is making a tight right, well, my sympathy goes out to all involved, but most especially to the poor navigator. A simple error can be a big deal for a nav and it’s a tremendous responsibility to take on.

The Land’s End hill climb was Steve Bis’ first race as a navigator. Usually in the driver’s seat, Steve was not only able to navigate the course, but was able to pull from his prior driving experience to guide and encourage Joe into making faster runs up the road. As I understand it, Steve was an ideal navigator, it was a definite benefit that he had so much previous race experience. And it definitely didn’t hurt that he’s one of the best Audi/Volkswagen service techs that Salta has. *You’ll notice that I said he’s ONE of the best and not THE best… Well, it’s just not nice to play favorites, now, is it?

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