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The Service Vehicle

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It’s kind of funny, but if you want to race cars, you’re going to have to buy a truck. You won’t even really want the truck, but you’ll need it for sure. And it won’t be the high performance race car that gets all the miles, it will be the clunky old pick up truck that you will come to depend on. It’s a bit of a disappointment, but a necessary evil that all racers must come to terms with… The service vehicle.

It’s especially hard to accept that the service vehicle is not going to be half as desirable as the Audis and Volkswagens that we work on. It won’t even come close. It’ll be loud, it’ll belch smoke out of the exhaust and more than likely, it will have a mismatched door or panel here or there.

Now that Joseph is a race car owner and driver, it’s no coincidence that he’s also the proud owner of an old Dodge pick up truck. I’m giggling a little as I write this because what Joe may not yet realize is that his pick up truck is incredibly useful in so many ways… He can now help his friends move giant sofas across town, he will be able to haul engines down to the recycler and he’ll be able to pull a friends car out of a ditch in the middle of a snow storm. Oh, and he’ll also be able to tow his race car. 😉



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