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Salta Rally

imageimageIt was bound to happen…  

Salta Rally post #1

For us folks at Salta, it seems we can never really escape the overwhelming desire to race cars. Our esteemed Salta partner Joseph Chiarelli has recently succumbed to the old Salta ways…

Over the past few months, Joseph has not only been servicing Audis and Volkswagens by day, but has been working feverishly to rebuild and prepare a Subaru rally car every night after Salta closes. After many a long night spent on his first race build, Joseph’s efforts will be realized this weekend at his first race event.

Joseph’s racing debut will be at the Land’s End race in Grand Junction, Colorado. It will also be a debut of sorts for our other partner Steve Bis, who will be navigating for Joe. Steve is an accomplished driver, but a first time navigator. Should be exciting, stay posted!

The Lands End race is hosted by the Colorado Hill Climb Association, if you find yourself with nothing to do on July 27th-28th, come join us!

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