Salta Service and Performance of Denver, Colorado are passionate professionals dedicated to Audi, Volkswagen service, repair.

Welcome new member to the Salta Team!

As our customers grow are team is also growing. We are very happy to welcome to the Salta Team… Joe Chiarelli. Joe Has worked with the Salta team for many years now. He has worked on the Salta rally car as the lead tech for both of our winning Colorado Rally Cup Open class championship victories.  Joe has a very strong background in welding, custom fabrication, and custom wood work. This young grommet is a go getter and would love to work with all of our new and current Audi and Volkswagen Customers. We first met Joe while he was building his first VW Rabbit. He did a complete restore, with our help. Joe has been looking for a way to get into the car industry for many years now and is a certified car nut. He plans to change the world in the automotive industry. One day we may all be lining up to buy a Chiarelli Auto!

Joe hard at work


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