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The Westfalia Project

One Of The Finer Things In Life…  blog #1 – The Westfalia Project

The street I live on is lined with tiny houses that are owned by working class folks like my husband and myself.  Every night for the last four years I have made a point to drive past my neighbor Gilberto’s house for this one reason- parked out front is an old sun faded orangish-brown Volkswagen Westfalia.  Some of the windows have been smashed in, no doubt by hooligans who have no repect for the finer things in life, and there are some rust accents that need to be addressed, but this has never deterred me from admiring it.

As the years passed, Brian and I had become friends with Gilberto and knew that he wanted to sell the old Westy, but it seemed too daunting to refurbish something that needed so much attention.  The pop-top tent canvas is in tatters and would need to be replaced completely, along with the motor, which is pretty much toast!  Since the windows were broken, the weather had caused some signifigant interior damage, and there’s more furniture in a Westy than there is in my house.  When we calculated the costs for the rebuild the first time, it was enough to keep us at bay…  for a while at least.

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