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The Westfalia Project

The Floyd Hill Bench Mark…  blog #5 – The Westfalia Project

For some reason, guys from Colorado have this mind set that if you can’t tow up Floyd Hill going at least seventy, then that tow rig just isn’t worth having.  Brian has been researching the possibilities as to which motor he should use in place of the old one, and I think he’s well on track to reaching the Floyd Hill bench mark.  While we have replaced Vanagon motors with Subaru conversions, it just didn’t seem like the motor we were looking for, that and it’s a very costly procedure.  As of late, he’s been leaning toward using a TDI motor instead.  The TDI would give us a decent amount of power, and we’d be getting better gas mileage.  Also, it just so happens that Brian has a couple of these laying around, they definitely need a lot of attention, but a free motor is a good motor, and price will definitely be a big factor where this project is concerned.

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