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The Westfalia Project

What’s Not To Like? blog #2 – The Westfalia Project

Still, we took the route past Gilberto’s, always craning our necks to get a glance of the camper.  We knew that somewhere beyond all the rust and broken glass, there was a lot of potential.  I mean, what’s not to like about a Westy?  There’s ample storage space, and the van itself is quite spacious.  There’s two beds and when the top is up, you don’t have to worry about hitting your head on the ceiling. Did I mention that there’s a kitchen?  Honestly, it’s about the size of the Playskool kitchen I used to make imaginary muffins with when I was six, but it’s a kitchen nonetheless.  Apart from the brown and tan formica finish, it’s actually in really good condition, the stove burners have never been used and the little refrigerator is spotless.  There’s even an itsy-bitsy sink, just big enough to wash a cereal bowl in.  In my mind, anything that even somewhat resembles a kitchen in a camping environment is way better than having to prepare a meal in the dirt.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting a few creature comforts, and cooking outside is definitely not my thing, so this was one of my favorite features about the Westy.

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